About Us


Larry Large grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He has been hunting and fishing his entire life.
Since moving to Texas, some 25 years ago, the outdoors has been his career. Larry has been guiding for bass on Lake Fork since 1990; hunting East Texas for game and predator just as long; and for the past 15 years guiding for elk in New Mexico and Colorado.
From tournament fishing to being on the first ever American Whitetail Pro Series team, Larry is an experienced and devoted sportsman with a special instinct when it comes to wildlife. He is easy going and a people person and will do his best to see that you have the best trip possible.


Veteran outdoors writer/radio broadcaster Luke Clayton is an integral part of L&L Outfitters. Luke wears many hats in the operation but loves being “on the ground” guiding and working with our hunters. Luke has spent a lifetime in the outdoors hunting and fishing and his love for the outdoors is infectious. Luke is as easy going as they come but possesses the skill and knowledge to make things happen when needed.