East Texas Hog Hunting Guide and Outfitter – guided archery hunts for hogs

L&L Outfitters – East Texas archery hog hunts.
Guided Archery Hog Hunts Only

Athens hog

We have exclusive access to a ranch 1 hour south of Dallas. Our private land properties, in East Texas, feature wild boar up to 400 lbs. There are no trophy fees for hogs. These feral hogs are all free ranging. Trail cameras are reviewed almost daily, along with old fashioned scouting, to determine which location will offer you the best opportunity to harvest your hogs.

Pig crossbow

We hunt both morning and night hunts with the grater emphasis on the night hunts.  Hogs are nocturnal by nature.  All our ladder stands and pop up blinds are strategically placed over lighted feeders.  Each blind is limited to 2 hunters. We only take small groups on individual hunts because fewer hunters means more personal attention.  No more than 4 hunters per hunt.

Wild hogs are a challenge to hunt and require a lot of patience to be successful. They are smart, have a keen sense of smell and incredible hearing. They are constantly on the move – here one day and somewhere else the next. We are going to do our best to tip the scales in your favor. Here in East Texas our hog hunting guides are a dedicated and determined bunch.

hog at night


  • One Day Hog Hunt  $250 per person

  •  Gut your hog for $25

  •  Gut, Skin and Quarter (ready for cooler)  $50

    •  There is a 2 hog limit per hunt/Additional hogs $50

Athens lodge


We have a beautiful lodge for 2 or more day hunts.  You bring own food and we have the kitchen or grills.  We are only four miles from good restaurants.

$25 per person per night

For more information or to book a hunt contact Larry Large at 970-819-3464