Elk Hunting Camp


by Luke Clayton

You’ll wake an hour or so before sunup to the smell of freshly brewed coffee that was just “perked” in an old fashioned 20 cup percolator. After you get dressed, you will emerge from the very comfortable hunter’s log cabin and the glowing campfire will draw you like a magnet. You’ll probably see our elk guru Larry Large sitting beside the fire, sipping his third or fourth cup of coffee. Larry and the camp manager/cook, Billy have probably been awake for at least an hour. Larry might appear to be just relaxing and enjoying the fire, which he is, but he is deep in thought. His mind is dissecting the elk trails, wallows and recent sign seen on the ranch the way a city commuter contemplates his route to work on a network of busy roads. He and the guides already have a good idea of where/how they will hunt this day but the finishing touches of their plan comes together during this early morning quietness. Luke, Mark and the other guides will also be making ready, checking their packs, making sure their electric “buggies” are ready for the morning climb up to the base of Sleeping Giant Mountain.
from the porch Colorado elk cabin
You might want to grab a sweet roll or quick bowl of oatmeal before the morning hunt and possibly slip a protein bar or two into your pack for some quick energy later in the morning. You know that a huge breakfast will await you back at camp after the morning hunt.

Guide Mark Balette and hunters swapping stories
Before sunrise, you will climb aboard one of the heavy duty electric hunting buggies and begin the accent to near the base of Sleeping Giant, where the hunting begins. These hunting machines are made by our friend Ken Blackstock with Plano Golf Carts in Plano, TX and do a great job of getting us stealthily into and out of our elk hunting area.Colorado archery guided elk black bear hunt Texas TX outfitter guide

You might be hunting from a tree stand positioned at the junction of two well used trails or, if the bulls are really fired up, you and your guide might be still hunting, through the dark timber, doing a lot of cow calling and bugling. Every day is different in elk camp and the method of hunting day to day is dictated by the movement/behavior of the animals.another bowhunting elk

You will wrap up your day of elk hunting back at the campfire, swapping stories of the day’s adventures and making plans for the next day. Our cook will have a huge dinner prepared and you will again have some campfire time.Colorado elk bear Texas guide outfitters guided archery hunts hunting Bedtime comes early at elk camp. You will want to get a good rest and be ready to go the next morning.

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