Ranger Creek Deer/Predator Hunts

Ranger Creek
We are very excited to have recently added the beautiful Ranger Creek Ranch to our list of hunting properties. A true Texas hunting destination, this ranch has access to over 15,000 acres of prime hunting land and is located approximately 2 hours northwest of Fort Worth Texas in the cedar breaks of Knox County.
Our All-inclusive Hunting Packages consist of meals, lodging, and guide.

Ranger Creek deer at feeder


We have many ideas as to what a quality deer hunt should encompass. First, it needs to be good game country and it needs to be relaxed and fun. We can accomplish this at Ranger Creek. Our hunters will stay in the comfortable lodge and be served some excellent meals. The hunts will be 3 full days. Hunters will come in the afternoon prior to the first day of hunting, check their rifle, enjoy a good meal and get a good night’s sleep. The next three days, we will be guiding them in some very game rich country for the opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail buck, doe and hog. We’ll take care of the transportation, field dressing and quartering of the animals.

Ranger Creek is a big, low fenced ranch with truly wild deer. If you are looking for a quick one day ‘guaranteed’ hunt for a 160 class buck, better opt for a high fenced operation. Bucks this big and bigger roam the Cedar Break country but you have to hunt for them and spend your time in the stand. You won’t be deluged in deer aging details here. The first mature buck you choose to shoot is fine with us. This might be a solid 130 inch eight point on the first day of hunt or, a big 160 inch on day three. If the buck is mature and you like him, shoot! We have a limited number of spots for this hunting package.

These managed areas consist of a feeding program of protein since 1999 and food plots that have been established since 1990. Ranger Creek Ranch offers only free range hunting and we strive for successful harvests but we offer no harvest guarantees.

Now Booking for 2014 – 2015 Season
3 day hunt, includes 4 nights lodging and meals with 1 guide per 2 hunters
$2850.00 per hunter
Harvest may include: 1 mature buck, 1 doe and 1 hog



Our predator hunts are available year round. This ranch has had little to no pressure on predators. There are no limits on coyote, fox, coon or other non furbearers. There is a limit of 1 bobcat with this package, however, additional cats may be taken for another $100 each. One hog is permitted with additional hogs for $50 each.Bobcat

Red FoxYou will arrive at the ranch the evening before your first hunting day. The 2 days of hunting will each be broken up into a morning, afternoon and then a night hunt.

2 day hunt, includes 3 nights lodging and meals with 1 guide per 2 hunters
$1,600 per hunter
Minimum of 2 hunters per hunt


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